September 22, 2014

Video of the week: The Wrestler

While on tour in Ireland, I received a call from my old friend Mickey Rourke. He talked about the film he was working on, said it was a picture that meant a great deal to him, and asked if I might have a song. He explained the character to me. I always felt there was […]

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September 5, 2014

Video of the week: 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)

Shot back in the quaint days of only 57 channels and no flat screen TVs, I have no idea what we were aiming for in this one outside of some vague sense of “hipness” and an attempt at irony. Never my strong suit, it reads now to me as a break from our usual approach […]

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August 29, 2014

Video of the week: Girls In Their Summer Clothes

I tip my hat to Brendan O’Brien for pushing for this song to be included on “Magic.” He really heard its potential and turned it into a pop diamond. Also a big thanks to Mark Pellington for perfectly catching its spirit. Shot on a cold winter’s day, we froze! Happy Labor Day! – Bruce Springsteen

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August 13, 2014

Video of the week: Radio Nowhere

Shot in Brendan O’Brien’s studio in Atlanta in collaboration with Thom Zimny, this was Magic‘s first shot over the mast! – Bruce Springsteen

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August 6, 2014

Video of the week: Atlantic City

My first video and still a favorite. It captured the tone and temper of the Nebraska album just right. – Bruce Springsteen

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