June 17, 2020

Volume 6: Down to the River to Pray

Get ready for the next edition of Bruce’s exclusive E Street Radio Guest DJ series, From My Home To Yours… Volume 6: Down to the River to Pray.

Tune in to E Street Radio to hear Springsteen present music from his personal collection, as well as provide commentary about the songs and state of the country. Listeners will hear music from Marvin Gaye, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Fugazi, Johnny Cash, The Consolers, and more. See the full broadcast schedule for Volume 6 below, or click here to stream the entire episode On Demand on the SiriusXM app after it premieres.

Wednesday, June 17 at 10am and 5pm

Thursday, June 18 at 6am and 3pm

Friday, June 19 at 10am and 4pm

Saturday, June 20 at 12am, 8am, and 5pm

Sunday, June 21 at 9am and 6pm

Monday, June 22 at 7am and 4pm

Tuesday, June 23 at 12am and 8am