September 13, 2016


1. This procedure is for General Admission ticketholders who wish to have the chance be the first to enter the GA area on the field. Anyone who has a General Admission ticket will be in this area. This is a voluntary entry procedure lottery.

2. 3:30 PM – On the day of show, sequentially numbered wristbands will be distributed beginning at 3:30 PM until 5:00 PM at NRG PLAZA. If you have a wristband, you do not need to stay in line at the gate. You must be back for the random number selection at 5 PM.

3. 5 PM – A starting number will be randomly picked at 5 PM. All patrons with GA tickets and a wristband should begin lining-up in numerical order beginning with the announced number. This line will be escorted into the front GA area in front of the stage. This will be prior to General Admission ticketholders who do not have wristbands yet.

4. The starting number that is drawn randomly at 5 PM, will be picked by a fan. The Patron holding the wristband that matches the starting number drawn will be first in line (i.e. if #’s 1 – 1200 were issued and number 818 was drawn, the line would start with 818, then 819, 820, 821 through 1200 then 1-817). When the starting number is announced, the line will shift accordingly.

5. If you arrive after 5 PM, you can line-up in a secondary line that is first-come, first-served. There is no place-holding (“saving spots”) in this line. One person=one spot. If you want to enter the field with a group, you need to all be together when you join the line.


Please review the Stadium’s Security Protocol so that you have no issues entering the venue.. Also note that the show may prohibit items as well. Check your ticket for what is prohibited by the show.