March 7, 2014

Winter horses and thank you’s

A shout out to all our Southern Hemisphere fans who treated us so hospitably over the past few months. Thank you South Africa, Australia and New Zealand!

Australia, renewing our relationship with our Aussie fans (and finally getting to Perth and Adelaide) was a high point of our last two touring years. You are our home on the other side of the world. New Zealand you SHOWED UP! big time for us, and thanks for two unforgettable nites. South Africa, through the grace of Mandela to be able to play Capetown and Johannesburg was a long delayed dream come true… and the summer. Your seas, people and beaches treated the unreconstructed beach bums of the E St. Band very nicely during one of our harshest northern hemisphere winters.

So, when the hawk is out up north and the snow flies and the frozen New Jersey Turnpike has turned into an ice skating rink we’ll be back to see you again. Til then here’s a few pics from the frozen north.