September 22, 2013

Videos from South America

September 18, 2013 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Sociedade Alternativa” – music by Raul Seixas, lyrics by Paul Coelho

September 16, 2013 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Solo Le Pido A Dios” written by León Gieco

There is a song I planned to sing at our Buenos Aires concert that I learned from the wonderful Argentine singer, Mercedes Sosa. I wasn’t quite prepared that evening so I’m glad to send this out now to all of our friends and fans in Argentina.
– Bruce Springsteen

I Only Ask of God (English translation)

I only ask God
That pain be not indifferent to me.
That dry death won’t find me
Empty and alone
Without having done enough.

I only ask of God
That war be not indifferent to me,
It’s a big monster
And it tramples hard
On the poor innocence of people.

I only ask God
That injustice be not indifferent to me
That I will not be slapped on the other cheek
After a claw has torn me in this manner.

I only ask God
That deceit be not indifferent to me
If a traitor is mightier than a few
Let those few not forget it easily.

I only ask of God
That I am not indifferent to the future,
Hopeless is he who has to go
To live a different culture.

September 12, 2013 – Santiago, Chile
“Manifiesto” written by Victor Jara

On Thursday night in Santiago, Bruce performed Victor Jara’s “Manifiesto.” Bruce introduced the song in Spanish, translated by Backstreets to:

“In 1988 we played for Amnesty International in Mendoza, Argentina, but Chile was in our hearts. We met many families of desaparecidos, which had pictures of their loved ones. It was a moment that stays with me forever. A political musician, Victor Jara, remains a great inspiration. It’s a gift to be here and I take it with humbleness.”